Ekinox - Esoteric Shop/Boutique ésotérique
Ekinox is an Esoteric and  New Age store located in Orléans, Ontario, that offers you a wide variety of products and services. Our goal is to provide resources to help you in your spiritual journey. 
Our products include a beautiful and large selection of rough, polished and tumbled Crystals and Stones from around the world. We  carry Books, CDs, Tarot and Oracle Cards, Pendulums, Herbs, Incense, Herbal Reiki Charged Candles, ritual Candles, special Oil Blends for the Chakras, Crystal and Stones jewelry, Talismans, Ritual Tools and more.
We also offer services by appointment such as Tarot Readings, Channelling sessions and Chair Reiki provided by Carole Hynes, owner of The Spiritual Doorway. Some workshops are also offered by The Spiritual Doorway at the Store. 

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